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Common Questions and answers on DSC alarm panels
These frequently asked questions do not answer common product questions.  They are based on answering the questions that our customer service most frequently get when a system owner calls in for assistance on DSC alarm panels.
Q: What is a user code?
A: A user code is a 4-digit number that is only used to arm and disarm your security system.  

Q: What is a master code?
A: The master code is a 4-digit number that is entered to arm and disarm your security system.  The master code is also used to access user functions featured in your security system.  

Q: What if I do not have a user code/master code?
A: You will have to contact us to see if your panel can be defaulted and a new master code re-programmed.

Q: How do I change my master code or add/delete user codes?
A: refer to your user manual

Q: My system is going off (in alarm) what do I do?
A: Enter your 4-digit user code to disarm the system. If you do not have a user/master code, you will have to power down the system.  Follow these steps. 
(1) Locate the control panel, which is a metal cabinet, either mounted in a closet or basement. (2) Carefully remove the red and black wires from the battery. 
(3) Turn off the AC power by removing the transformer. Usually the transformer is simply plugged into the wall outlet nearby.  This will power down your system completely until you can contact us for service.

Q: What type of battery do I need and where can I purchase one?
A:  Your battery should be replaced with the current model located in your main control panel.  A 12 volt 4 or 7-amp battery is recommended and can be purchased through us. 

Q: How do I replace the battery?
A: The battery is located in the main control panel located in the basement or closet.  Remove the red and black leads and then reconnect to the new battery. Ensure hat the red wire is connected to the positive side of the battery and the black wire to the negative terminal.

Q: How do I reset the time and date on my keypad?
A: Press * 6, plus your master access code. You will hear three quick beeps and the program light will flash. (If you receive one long tone the master code is incorrect, see FAQ 1 for more details) Press 1 and the program light continues to flash.  When using the LCD5500, use the scroll keys < > to find the menu option and press * to select. Enter the time in 24-hour format (military time) followed by the date (MM:DD:YY). Press # to exit programming.  It will take a few minutes for the time to change.

Q: Can I get an Installation Manual? A: Installation and Programming manuals are only available to security professionals. You can download the user manual from our site if you know the product name.
Q: How do you turn the door chime on and off?
A: Instructions for the Chime feature are different for each alarm system.  Please refer to your instruction manual for further details.
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